Today, thanks to the companies members that finance the system, thanks to the collectors who collect the products in all the garages and the industries, thanks to the processors who treat the products so that they enjoy a second life, thanks to the owners of garages and municipal managers who become collection facilities for SOGHU and those who return their used products, the recovery rate for each of these products is around 90%.

You want to participate, you want to do your part and report these products? Find the nearest drop-off location at, it’s so easy or call 1-877-987-6448.

Several points of deposit

There are currently 1026 collection facilities distributed throughout Québec; There are 521 municipalities and 505 mechanical workshops, among which there are all the GM dealers, all the Toyota dealers, all Mr. Muffler and the Octo workshops as well as the Ratté Group workshops. All these collection facilities therefore offer all those who make oil changes the opportunity to bring back the used products generated free of charge. A great THANK YOU, and please when you return your products, stick to the schedules and do not leave products on the floor.

Recovery is better

Thus the used oil will be refined to oil or regenerated and will become oil, diesel or other derivatives; The filters, after being crushed to extract all the oil, will go to a foundry where they will serve as energy and the metal can be recovered and reused; After being shredded and decontaminated, plastics containers will be reused in the manufacture of composite building materials or reintroduced in the manufacture of agricultural drains, culverts, bins or the like.

To finance this whole system, the cost is almost negligible compared to the profits. Think about the risks of contamination, the landfills that fill up with these products that are now recovered and recycled. It costs less than $ 1 per change of oil, for a car, plus or minus 5 liters of oil to 6 cents per liter, so 30 cents for oil and 35 cents for the filter, in this case, 65 cents in total. If you choose a specific oil containing it, you will need to add 12 cents per capacity of 1 liter so 60 cents. Containers are the products that cost the most to recover because they take up a lot of space and weigh nothing. A full 53-foot trailer weighs only 3,500 kg, but it is the product that takes up most of the space in a landfill site. Who will want an upcoming landfill close to home?

SOGHU is pleased to contribute to the preservation of the environment and thank you for your contribution.