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What is a collection facility?

Collection facilities are establishments registered with SOGHU to receive the designated products from small generators free of charge.  These collection facilities are mechanical workshops, car dealerships but also many municipalities.  SOGHU has developed a network of over 1,143 collection facillities throughout Quebec.

We congratulate the repair shops and the municipalities that agreed to be a collection facility and offer the service free of charge to the population. It has never been easier to recover these products.

* For larger generators of used oil materials, there are registered collectors that will come to your site, farm, place of business and take the material to a registered processor.

Designated products

  • HuilesOils: Mineral, synthetic or vegetable oils intended for lubrication, insulation or heat transfer in motorized vehicles or equipment, or in the operation of hydraulic or transmission systems, except oils that combust when used such as oils intended to be blended with combustion engine fuel, machine tool slideway lubricants, chainsaw chain oils, drawing, stamping, shaping or form oils, drilling oils, conveyor lubricating oils, dust control oils, penetrating oils and rustproof oils.
  • FiltresFilters: Oil filters intended for internal combustion engines, hydraulic systems and transmissions, filters for heating systems using light heating oil and for oil storage tanks, coolant and antifreeze filters and diesel filters which are assimilated to oil filters for the purposes of this Regulation.
  • Contenants d’huileOil containers: Containers of 50 litres or less used for marketing the designated oils.
  • Contenants a��rosolAerosol containers: Aerosol containers manufactured for the purpose of holding an oil product as well as aerosol containers used to contain products used  as brake cleaner.
  • AntigelAntifreeze (glycol): Coolants and antifreeze intended for use in vehicles, machinery or motorized equipment, except vegetal coolants and antifreeze, as well as coolants and antifreeze used for aircraft de-icing.
  • Contenants d���antigelAntifreeze (glycol) containers: Containers of 50 litres or less used for marketing the designated antifreeze (glycol).

Question or suggestion?

SOGHU wants to hear from you. We remain attentive to our partners. The opinion of municipalities and other used oil product users is valuable to improve our services.

For any question or suggestion in relation with SOGHU’s program, please contact us via email at

Register as a collection facility

If your company or municipality is interested in registering as a collection facility for the recovery of products covered by the SOGHU program, we invite you to complete the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM.

The benefits are numerous.  Being recognized as an environmentally concious enterprise, you will be rewarded with the various incentives put in place.  You will receive a registration bonus of $ 100 plus taxes on the 3rd month following your registration and you will benefit from the promotion on filters (see next section).  You will be added on the SOGHU website giving you additional advertising and increasing traffic to your business. We invite you to consult the list of benefits of becoming a collection facility by using the following link: Benefits.

We wish to thank  all the garages, mechanical shops and municipalities who have already registered as collection facility for the SOGHU products for your genuine concern for the environment and your commercial vision.

Promotion on filters -$$$-


As an appreciation for registering with SOGHU as collection facility and to encourage you to increase your filter collections, SOGHU has implemented a PROMOTION on filters.

In fact, SOGHU will pay collection facilities subsidies (RIs) based on the amount of filters (by weight) collected by SOGHU’s registered collectors.

The time window to submit the Annual Filter Promotion claim form for 2023 has now closed. A link to the claim form will be available here once again when the submission period for 2024 is in effect.

You can submit your claim to SOGHU annually no later than 30 days after the end of the year you are claiming for.  You will find the details of this promotion by using the following link: Details of the promotion.