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What happens to the recycled products ?


The used oil is refined, reprocessed into regenerated lubricating oil used as industrial burner fuel and other products.


Used oil filters are processed into structural metal shapes for the manufacturing of industrial and agricultural products.

Plastic containers

Used plastic oil/antifreeze/DEF containers and pails are recycled into industrial posts, railroad crossings, plastic pipes and composite construction products.

Antifreeze (Glycols)

Used antifreeze is reprocessed back into reusable antifreeze.

Aerosol Containers

Used aerosol containers are depressurized, compressed and melted to make new metal elements useful in the manufacture of industrial and agricultural products. 

Last News

SOGHU Is Celebrating 20 Years of Operations

Quebec, April 30, 2024 – The Société de gestion des huiles usagées (SOGHU) is proud to highlight 20 years of activity. For 20 years now, SOGHU has been the non-profit organization recognized by RECYC-QUÉBEC to manage, on behalf of its [...]

Une 2e vie pour tous les produits usagés d’entretien mécanique

SOGHU : A second life for all your used mechanical maintenance products

Did you know the composite benches in your local park are possibly partly built with used plastic oil containers? Indeed, as part of the program managed by SOGHU, used mechanical maintenance products -once collected and sorted- go through a recycling [...]

Remparts de Québec - Soghu

Renewal of Partnership Between SOGHU and Québec Remparts

It is with great pride that we inaugurated the new Zamboni at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City with SOGHU colours, accompanied by our spokesperson Dany ‘Babu’ Bernier, who was proudly wearing his new Québec Remparts jersey. This major visibility [...]

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