Who should be a member?

All enterprises subject to the Regulation, under the terms of section 4 of the Regulation, and any out-of-province enterprise that decides to become a mandated member in order to represent members subject to the Regulation, or any other enterprise that the SOGHU Board of Directors decides not to penalize by the Regulation, that is a member of SOGHU in accordance with its internal bylaws and:

  • markets a subject Product under a brand, name or distinctive sign which it owns;
  • markets a subject Product under a brand, name or distinctive sign which it uses;
  • is responsible for the design of a subject Product marketed under more than one brand, name or distinctive sign;
  • acts as first supplier of a subject Product, whether or not it is the importer, in the cases covered by the third paragraph of section 2 of the Regulation;
  • acquires subject Products outside Quebec or manufactures subject Products (including any such acquisition or manufacturing of subject Products by a Municipality) for its own use;
  • is part of a group of enterprises of the same chain, franchise or banner that market subject Products on the Quebec market under the same brand, banner or distinctive sign, or for which they act as first supplier;
  • markets on the Quebec market, in one of the cases described above, a product of which at least one component is a subject Product, whether the main product is subject or not.

NOTE: A mandatary contributor that joins SOGHU in accordance with its internal bylaws is also a member.

EHC Applicable Products List     OEM – Categories Summary

Become a member

List of members

  • 1439174 Ontario Ltd. dba NLS Products
  • 3M Canada Company
  • A & I Products Canada Inc.
  • Acklands-Grainger Inc.
  • ADF Diesel Montréal Inc.
  • Aerochem Inc.
  • Agco Part Division
  • Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd., Division Meadowbank
  • Agracity Crop & Nutrition Ltd.
  • AGS Company Automotive Solutions, LLC
  • ALFA Services Conseils Inc.
  • Amsoil Inc.
  • Antirouille Métropolitain
  • April Super Flo Inc.
  • Asalco Inc.
  • Atelier HP Ltée
  • Atlas Copco Compressors Canada Inc.
  • Auto Diesel – 119483 Canada Inc.
  • Auto Master Supplies King Inc
  • Auto Modena Inc.
  • Autolectra Inc.
  • Aviall Canada Ltd.
  • AvJet Holding Inc.
  • Baldwin Filters Inc.
  • Baldwin Filters Inc. (DBA Hastings Filters)
  • BASF Canada Inc.
  • Beck Arnley Worldparts Inc.
  • Benson Group Inc.
  • BestBuy Distributors Ltd.
  • BG Québec Inc.
  • Black Dog Lubricants Ltd.
  • Blue Streak Hygrade Motor Products
  • Blue Water Agencies Ltd.
  • BMW Canada Inc.
  • Bosch Rexroth Canada Corp.
  • BP Lubricants USA Inc.
  • BRP Inc.
  • Busch Vacuum Technics Inc.
  • C3P Autosport
  • Cabela’s Retail Canada Inc.
  • Campbellton Auto Supply
  • Canadian General Filters Ltd.
  • Canadian Kawasaki Motors Inc.
  • Canadian Pacific Railway
  • Canimex Inc.
  • CarQuest Canada Ltd.
  • Castrol Industrial North America Inc.
  • Centre de Réparation Hydraulique Hydrep Inc.
  • Champion Laboratories Inc.
  • Chauffage Premier Inc.
  • Chem-Ecol Ltd.
  • Chevron Canada Ltd.
  • Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company Canada Ltd.
  • CLAAS of America Inc.
  • Club Car LLC – Ingersoll Rand Industrial Tech.
  • CNH Industrial Canada Ltd.
  • Control Chemical (1989) Corporation
  • Costco Wholesale Canada Ltd.
  • CPT Canada Power Technology Limited
  • CRC Canada Inc.
  • Cummins Canada ULC
  • Daimler Trucks Canada Ltd.
  • DAS Companies, Inc. dba DAS Distributors
  • D.D. Distributions Lubrifiants Inc.
  • Davanac inc.
  • Distribution Beaudry Inc.
  • Distribution, Importation Jean Gagnon
  • Distribution Mansour Inc.
  • Distribution M.C. Opéré par 9222-2850 Québec Inc.
  • Distribution Pièces GH Inc.
  • Distributions Automont Inc. (Les)
  • Distributions J.R.V. Inc.
  • Drumco Énergie
  • Echo Power Equipment (Canada)
  • ECL Services Inc.
  • Elso Ltée/Ltd.
  • Empack Spraytech Inc.
  • Énergie Totale Québec Inc.
  • Énergies Sonic Inc.
  • Engrenage Provincial Inc.
  • Entrepôt de Montréal 1470 Inc.
  • Entreprises Électriques Nadco Inc.
  • Entreprises Éthier Hi-Tech Inc. (Les)
  • Entretien de Moteur LK
  • Envirolin Canada (9189-0731 Québec Inc.)
  • Équipement SMS Inc.
  • Équipements E.M.U. Ltée
  • Équipements Industriels IBS Inc. (Les)
  • Équipements Lourds Papineau Inc.
  • Fastenal Canada Ltd.
  • FCA Canada Inc.
  • Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd.
  • For-Min Div. DK Spec Inc.
  • Fram Group (Canada) Inc.
  • Fuchs Lubricants Canada Ltd.
  • Fuelex Energy Ltd.
  • Fullbore Marketing Ltd.
  • Gamma Sales Inc.
  • Garage Guy Audet
  • Garage R. Nadeau
  • Gary’s Automotive Parts – 9254-3313 Québec Inc.
  • GEA Farm Technologies Canada Inc
  • General Motors of Canada Company
  • G.F. Thompson Company Ltd.
  • Gilles Cusson Inc.
  • G.K. Industries Ltd.
  • Global Récupération Inc.
  • G.P.Z. Auto Inc.
  • Granby Industries Limited Partnership
  • Groupe BMR Inc.
  • Groupe Environnemental Labrie inc.
  • Groupe GLM Inc. (Le)
  • Hangsterfer’s Laboratories Incorporated
  • Harley-Davidson Canada L.P.
  • Harnois Énergies Inc.
  • Henkel Canada Corp.
  • Hino Motors Canada Ltd.
  • Home Depot of Canada Inc.
  • Home Hardware Stores Ltd.
  • Honda Canada Inc.
  • Houghton Canada Inc.
  • Husqvarna Canada Corp.
  • Hydralogie Inc.
  • Hydromec Inc.
  • Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.
  • Imperial Oil
  • Importations Thibault Ltée
  • Industries Gotham inc. (Les)
  • Industries Spectra Premium (Les)
  • Industries Wajax Limitée (Les)
  • Industries Zeroflo Ltée (Les)
  • Inter-Power Group
  • Irving Blending & Packaging
  • Isuzu Commercial Truck of Canada Inc.
  • ITW Permatex Canada
  • Jacques Larochelle Inc.
  • Jaguar Land Rover Canada ULC
  • John Deere Canada ULC
  • Jonjo Transport Refrigeration Ltd / Thermo King Montréal
  • Kadex Aero Supply Ltd.
  • Kaeser Compresseurs Canada Inc.
  • Keystone Automotive Operations of Canada Inc.
  • Kia Canada Inc.
  • Kimpex Inc.
  • King-O-Matic Industries Ltd.
  • Kleen-Flo Tumbler Industries Ltd.
  • Klondike Lubricants Corporation
  • Krown Corporate
  • KTM Canada Inc.
  • Kubota Canada Ltd.
  • Laboratoires St-Antoine Inc.
  • Leader Auto Ressources LAR Inc.
  • Les Huiles Desroches Inc.
  • LGD International – 9272-1778 Québec Inc.
  • Lubri-Expert Inc.
  • Lubrifiants Sentinel Corp. (Les)
  • Lubrification Québec Inc.
  • Lubri-Lab Inc.
  • Lucas Oil Products (Canada) Company
  • M & M Fournels Corp. Ltd
  • MacEwen Petroleum Inc.
  • Machinerie R. Gagnon Inc.
  • Magnéto Hydraulique et Pneumatique
  • Mahle Aftermarket Inc.
  • Malmberg Truck Trailer Equipment Ltd.
  • Mann+Hummel Filtration Technology US LLC
  • Mann+Hummel Purolator Filters LLC
  • Marine Canada Acquisition Inc.
  • Matech BTA Inc.
  • Maxim Transportation Services Inc.
  • Mazda Canada Inc.
  • MCS-Servo Inc.
  • Mechanick Pieces d’Autos (144597 Canada Inc.)
  • Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.
  • MFTA Canada Inc.
  • Milacron Canada Corp.
  • Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada Inc.
  • Modern Sales Co-Op
  • Montréal 4 Cylindres – Pièces Inc.
  • Motion Industries (Canada) Inc.
  • Motor Coach Industries Limited
  • Motovan Inc.
  • MSC Industrial Supply Co.
  • MTD Products Limited
  • National Energy Equipment Inc.
  • National Pneumatic Inc.
  • Navistar Canada ULC
  • NCH Canada Inc.
  • Nissan Canada Inc.
  • North West Company Inc.
  • Orgill Canada Hardlines ULC
  • Paccar of Canada Ltd. (Parts division)
  • Para-Performance Inc.
  • Parker Hannifin Canada
  • Parkland Corporation
  • Parts Canada Development Co.
  • Parts for Trucks Inc.
  • Pétro Montestrie Inc.
  • Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc.
  • Pétroles Pétro-Canada – 9590404 Canada Inc.
  • Pétroles R.L. Inc. (Les)
  • Philippe Gosselin & Associés Limitée
  • Phillips 66 Canada Ltd.
  • Pièces D’Auto Carluce Inc.
  • Pièces d’Auto J.L. Ltée
  • Pièces d’Auto T.D.G. Inc. (Les)
  • Pièces d’Auto Transbec Inc. (Les)
  • Pièces d’Auto Transit Inc. (Les)
  • Pièces d’Autos Jean Leblanc
  • Pièces de Camion de la Beauce Inc.
  • Pièces de Transmission Unitrans Ltée (Les)
  • Polaris Industries Ltd.
  • Porsche Cars Canada Ltd.
  • PR Distribution
  • Prestone Canada
  • Prévost, une division de Groupe Volvo Canada Inc.
  • Princess Auto Ltd.
  • PRINOTH Ltd.
  • Produits Chimiques Magnus Ltée
  • Produits Industriels Kara Inc.
  • Produits Lubri-Delta Inc.
  • Prolab Technolub Inc.
  • PTI Transformers Inc.
  • Recochem Inc.
  • Regional Automotive Warehousing Ltd.
  • Réparation automobile Chelsea Inc.
  • Réseau C.B. (Div. Canadian Bearings)
  • Ridge Tool Company
  • Robco Inc.
  • Robert Bosch Inc.
  • Rona Inc.
  • Safety-Kleen Canada inc.
  • SC CLS Holdings ULC
  • Service de Filtres Sefor Inc.
  • Service Mécanique Mobile
  • Services Maintech / Maintech Services (Les)
  • SGPP (Québec) Inc.
  • Shell Canada Products Ltd.
  • Sherwin-Williams Canada Inc.
  • Shoreline Lube Distribution Inc.
  • Siemens Transformateurs Canada Inc.
  • Sinto Racing Inc.
  • Société Pétrolière P.L.C. Inc.
  • Southwestern Petroleum Canada Ltd.
  • Spécialités Hipertech Inc.
  • Spectrum Brands Canada
  • State Industrial Products DBA State Chemical Ltd.
  • STIHL Ltd.
  • Strongco Limited Partnership
  • Subaru Canada Inc.
  • Suzuki Canada Inc.
  • TEC Automotive Industries Inc.
  • Teklub Canada Ltée
  • Tenaquip Limited
  • Texas Refinery Corp. of Canada Ltd.
  • Textron Off Road (Arctic Cat Sales Inc.)
  • Thermal-Lube Inc.
  • Toromont Cat
  • Total Canada Inc.
  • Toyota Canada Inc.
  • Triumph Motorcycles America
  • Turf Care Products Canada Limited
  • UAP Inc.
  • Uni-Select Canada Inc.
  • Univar Canada Ltd.
  • VAG Motosport (9169-1931 Québec Inc.)
  • Valvoline Canada Ltd.
  • Verco International Inc.
  • Vermeer Canada Inc.
  • Viscosity Oil Company
  • Vision Solution de Procédés
  • Volkswagen Group Canada Inc.
  • Volvo Car Canada Limited
  • Volvo Group Canada Inc.
  • Wabtec Transportation Canada
  • Wainbee Ltd.
  • Wajax Industrial Components Ltd.
  • Wakefield Canada Inc.
  • Walmart Canada Corp.
  • Walter Surface Technologies Inc.
  • WD-40 Company (Canada) Ltd.
  • Westpier Marine & Industrial Supply Inc.
  • Worldpac Canada Inc.
  • Wurth Canada Limitée
  • Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd

NEW EHC OneWindow Online Remittance Form

If you need assistance in completing the online remittance form, do not hesitate to contact the EHC Support Team at EHCsupport@usedoilrecycling.ca. It will be our pleasure to assist you.  It is very important to read the instructions.  You can also refer to the User guide and the frequently asked questions documents.

Remitter User Guide
Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Member information is based on SOGHU’S internal data. Any changes must be requested in writing prior to completing the online remittance form.

EHC OneWindow Online Remittance Form

Payment by Mail

 SOGHU 204-248 Fréchette Blvd
Chambly, QC
J3L 2Z5

Electronic payment via internet

Contact SOGHU for more information


If you cannot open the attached file, please visit www.adobe.com to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Become a member

Who is required to participate in the program?

The Quebec regulation requires all brand owners or first suppliers or importers who did not inform the Ministry that they wish to submit their own program, must join a management association.

What documentation do I need to become a member of SOGHU?

To become a member, SOGHU requires the following documents:
a) the membership application form
b) the membership agreement signed, dated and initialized on every page
c) schedule 2 (EXCEL file to be completed and returned by email at soghu@soghu.ca)
d) a check of $ 200.00 plus all applicable taxes

SOGHU will only register you as a member upon receipt of all of the above information. Your name will then appear on our website in our list of members.

Important notice: The member agrees to remit the EHCs retroactively from the last 7 years on all SOGHU products sold or supplied by it, in compliance with article 3.7 of the membership agreement.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that you read the supplemental information sent to all members in compliance with the membership agreement. You will find this information in the Communiqués section of this website under “Members”.

How much is the Environmental Handling Charge (EHC)?

All members have to pay an EHC based on sales volumes, as follows:

  • $0.05 per litre of lubricating oils
  • $0.15 per litre of capacity of containers of 50 litres or less for lubricating oils
  • $0.35 per litre of capacity of  Non-Métal or Non-HDPE containers of 50 litres or less for lubricating oils
  • $0.10 per litre of antifreeze (glycol) mix
  • $0.16 per litre of antifreeze (glycol) concentrate
  • $0.08 per litre of capacity of containers of 50 litres or less for antifreeze (glycol)
  • $0.35 per filter of less than 8 inches or 203 mm. (in length), and $0.85 per filter of 8 inches or 203 mm. (in length) and more
  • $0.35 per sump type automatic transmission filter
  • $0.25 per spray lubricant container (aerosol)

EHCs are payable to SOGHU on a quarterly basis, within 30 days of the end of each quarter.