SOGHU and its new spokesperson, Dany “Babu” Bernier, were proudly present at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières on August 5, 6 and 7 as the official partner of the event. This collaboration gave SOGHU great visibility among racing fans and therefore, generators of used mechanical products!

We made a big splash during these three days of action through the event’s new environmental initiative called GP3RVert, which aims to provide on site safe facilities for stables to properly dispose of their used mechanical products.

To the delight of visitors, SOGHU held various contests with very attractive prizes, such as a SAQ gift card and cocktail boxes from Monsieur Cocktail. Perfect rewards for cocktail lovers!

On site, SOGHU took the opportunity to produce several “Vox-Pop” style video vignettes with GP3R spectators, all directed by the new spokesperson Babu. Several funny segments came out of these shootings, given Babu’s humour and the various responses received from the people surveyed. All in all, the SOGHU-GP3R collaboration proved to be a great success in the automotive world.