The SOGHU is a private non-profit organization recognized by RECYC-QUÉBEC as an organization authorized to manage an integrated program for the recovery and recycling of used oil and used glycols (antifreeze), containers Used oil and glycols (antifreeze) and used filters.

For each of these products, SOGHU must achieve a specific objective. For example the target for used oil in 2016 was 75% and the recovery rate reached was 92.2%. To know all the recovery rates, visit our website:

SOGHU has developed a partnership with more than 1000 COLLECTION FACILITIES throughout Quebec, clean and safe places where citizens can return used engine maintenance products free of charge, They are recovered. These drop-off are garages, car dealers, but also many municipalities. To date, there are nearly 524 municipalities in Quebec that have chosen to offer this service to their citizens.

The advantages of becoming collection facilities are many. In addition to helping citizens make the right environmental choices, incentives have been put in place to facilitate implementation. First, collection facilities will receive a $ 100 sign-up bonus to thank them for their implication. Subsequently, SOGHU will provide financial incentives to collection facilities based on the weight of filters recovered by SOGHU collectors.

In order to become a collection facility, simply fill out the form available on our website. It is also possible to contact us directly at 1-877-987-6448 and we’ll be happy to complete the form with you. We will then provide you with a # of collection facility and an informative poster for your organization as well as being added to the list of collection facilities available on our website.

You can then choose your COLLECTOR. The complete list of collectors, region by region, can also be found on our website. The collectors will assist you in the installation and operation of your collection facility. These companies are entitled to a financial incentive paid by SOGHU for the recovery of SOGHU products. Registered Collectors with SOGHU have recovered nearly 60 million liters of used oils and 10 million filters in 2015.

The final stage of the recovery cycle of SOGHU is, of course, the transformation. Thanks to our partners, PROCESSORS, all the recovered products enjoy a second life. The used oil is re-refined, or regenerated into second generation virgin oil, asphalt, fuel oil or used as fuel for industrial burners. Used antifreeze is re-converted into reusable antifreeze. Used oil filters are compressed and sent to a foundry. Used plastic containers and buckets for oil / antifreeze are shredded and recycled to make raw material for the manufacture of plastic products.

Respond now to the call for recycling and sign up your municipality to the SOGHU collection facility list. It’s simple, easy and especially eco … logical.