It is well known that garages and auto centres are major generators of used products. The maintenance and mechanical repairs you perform on vehicles create large quantities of products and containers, such as oils, filters, antifreeze (glycol) and oil and aerosol containers. Fortunately, most of you recycle these products and containers. But do you recycle them in the best way possible?

Recycling Is Good, Doing It Well Is Better

What is the most optimal way to recycle? So that your efforts are not wasted and to recycle them in the best possible way, it is an essential that you avoid contamination between products. Here are 3 simple actions to carry out, depending on the products and the containers: separate, drain and dispose.

  1. Be sure to separate and not mix the glycol with your oils. This interferes with the proper functioning of the oil recycling process. The designated products are mineral, synthetic or vegetable oils that are intended for lubrication, insulation or heat transfer in motorized vehicles or equipment, or for the operation of hydraulic or transmission systems.
  2. During regular vehicle maintenance, auto mechanics and technicians change many filters on a daily basis. It is important to drain them completely before placing them in the appropriate bin.
  3. As for aerosols, they are very easy to manage. All you have to do is dispose of them in their designated bin.

For disposal options, did you know that you can receive free dedicated bins for your products? To get them, all you have to do is order them from one of the collectors. They will even pick up your bins for free.

These simple actions taken in your garage or auto centre have a huge impact on the environment.

Need Help?

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Recycle every drop!