SOGHU has just launched a new environmental awareness TV and Web campaign. With this new campaign, SOGHU first wants to inform the general public about the many collection facilities made available to them to bring back used mechanical maintenance products; oils, used filters, oily containers and coolant.

However, for SOGHU, it was also a question of offering viewers a moment of pure beauty by allowing a break, a moment of televisual calm.  By viewing these 3 capsules, SOGHU would like this to inspire you to help  “Keep this nature … beautiful, clean and pure”.

Publicity #1

In the first of the 3 commercials, a moose stands motionless in the middle of the woods, looking around. The seconds pass. We hear the birds singing. Then a writing appears: “Keep nature beautiful”. Then a female voice reminds us that to keep nature beautiful, it is important to bring your used mechanical care products to one of SOGHU Collection Facilities…


Publicity #2

In the campaign’s second ad, we discover a chubby beaver who is washing himself peacefully on the edge of the river. Water runoff is heard in the background. The seconds stretch, then a title appears: “Keep the nature clean”. The same final signature reminds us that the SOGHU is there to help maintain this clean environment.


Publicity #3

And finally, in the third ad, we see one, then two baby raccoons who play, bicker and nibble flowers. No doubt that many of your friends will be moved in front of these cute little creatures. Once again, a title appears: “Let’s keep pure nature”.  A beautiful 25-second shot that gives the viewer time to enjoy the moment of calm and beauty offered by the SOGHU.


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