SOGHU had the great pleasure of renewing its partnership with the Grand Prix de Trois Rivières for a second year in a row! The weekend was a success in every way, all under sunny skies! 

Increased Visibility with Babu! 

We were right in the middle of the action, among the many passionate motor sports enthusiasts, not to mention the racing teams, with the goal of making them aware of the importance of properly handle their used mechanical maintenance products. 

To spread our message, our spokesperson Dany ‘Babu’ Bernier, a well-known figure in the world of auto racing, appeared everywhere on the site: on the giant screens in a new advertising campaign with the theme ‘It Doesn’t Go There’. He was in the stands distributing caps autographed by himself and star driver Raphaël Lessard, in addition to his presence in the program, the paddocks, the announcer’s booth and other locations on the site.  

Two Organizations, One Message 

On the site this year, racing teams had 3 collection points to properly dispose of their used products. The sorting centres were fully equipped and managed by our trusted recycling partner Environnement Sanivac. This was a great opportunity to join forces, notably with our 2 respective spokespersons, Babu and Michel Barrette, with the aim of reinforcing our common message: make sure to properly handle your used mechanical maintenance products! 

We are proud that SOGHU was able to be a partner involved in such a major event in Quebec. Congratulations to the winners of the races, and also to all the visitors who clearly understood that used oil DOESN’T go in the sink, it goes to a collection facility! 

Click here to watch the 3 campaign ads (in French only) 

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