We are pleased to announce the appointment of Jean-François Richard as the Société de Gestion des Huiles Usagées (SOGHU)’s new acting general manager, effective July 1, 2024. This nomination follows the retirement announcement of Mr. Jean Duchesneau, who has been holding said title since 2017.

Mr. Richard will ensure a smooth transition, considering he has been SOGHU’s controller since 2017, and more recently, its assistant general manager since January 1,2024. His previous accomplishments attest to his ability to lead, innovate, and inspire teams in order to achieve ambitious new goals.

As general manager, Mr. Richard will be tasked with bringing forth SOGHU’s mission statement, which is to be recognized by its members, the appropriate authorities and its employees, both in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, as a leader in the management of a collection, processing and awareness program aimed at the end-of-life products it manages with efficiency and continuous innovation, in order to ensure the realization of government, social and environmental objectives.

We strongly believe that under Mr. Richard’s leadership, SOGHU will continue to innovate, while maintaining its commitment towards members, employees, and partners satisfaction.

On behalf of the entire Board of directors, I would like to congratulate Mr. Richard for this significate accomplishment. We are looking forward to working together in building a future evermore promising for SOGHU.

Carol Montreuil