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What happens to the recycled products ?


The used oil is refined, reprocessed into regenerated lubricating oil used as industrial burner fuel and other products.


Used oil filters are processed into structural metal shapes for the manufacturing of industrial and agricultural products.

Plastic containers

Used plastic oil/antifreeze/DEF containers and pails are recycled into industrial posts, railroad crossings, plastic pipes and new containers.

Antifreeze (Glycols)

Used antifreeze is reprocessed back into reusable antifreeze.

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New General Manager at the SOGHU

Since July 1st 2017, a new General Manager has taken the helm of the SOGHU (Used Oil Management Association) and it is Mr. Jean Duchesneau, training accountant and Deputy General Manager at SOGHU for several years. Mr. Gilles Goddard, outgoing [...]

A feel good campaign…

SOGHU has just launched a new environmental awareness TV and Web campaign. With this new campaign, SOGHU first wants to inform the general public about the many Collection Facilities made available to them to bring back used mechanical maintenance products; [...]

New website for SOGHU

Hi everyone! It’s our pleasure to announce the launch of the new SOGHU website. This website was designed for all our Members and Partners with a more fluid access to the information. We also want to offer our visitors an [...]

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