Become a Member

Who is required to participate in the program?

The Quebec regulation requires all brand owners or first suppliers or importers who do not advise the Ministry that they wish to submit their own program, to join a management association.

What documentation do I need to become a Member of SOGHU?

To become a Member, SOGHU requires the following documents:
a) the membership application form
b) the membership agreement initialized on every page
c) schedule 2 (EXCEL file to be completed and returned by email at
d) a check of $200.00 plus all applicable taxes

SOGHU will only process your application and activate your membership upon receipt of all of the above information. Your name will then appear on our website in our list of Members.

Important notice: The Member agrees to remit the EHCs retroactively from the last 7 years on all SOGHU products sold or supplied by it, in compliance with article 3.7 of the membership agreement.

IT IS IMPERATIVE that you read the supplemental information sent to all Members in compliance with the membership agreement. You will find this information in the Communiques section of this website under “Members”.

How much is the Environmental Handling Charge (EHC)?

All members have to pay an EHC based on sales volumes, as follows:

  • $0.06 per litre of lubricating oils
  • $0.12 per litre of capacity of containers of 50 litres or less for lubricating oils
  • $0.20 per litre of capacity of  Non-Métal or Non-HDPE containers of 50 litres or less for lubricating oils
  • $0.10 per litre of antifreeze (glycol) mix
  • $0.16 per litre of antifreeze (glycol) concentrate
  • $0.10 per litre of capacity of containers of 50 litres or less for antifreeze (glycol)
  • $0.35 per filter of less than 8 inches or 203 mm. (in length), and $0.85 per filter of 8 inches or 203 mm. (in length) and more
  • $0.35 per sump type automatic transmission filter
  • $0.25 per spray lubricant container (aerosol

EHCs are payable to SOGHU on a quarterly basis, within 30 days of the end of each quarter.