SOGHU’s mission is to manage an economically, environmentally and socially efficient and responsible collection, processing and user awareness program for used oils, used glycol (antifreeze), used oil and glycol (antifreeze) containers with a capacity of 50 litres or less (including used lubricant aerosol and brake cleaner containers) and used filters, on behalf of its Members.

Who are we?

  • Founded in 2005, the SOGHU represents a group of companies that sell the products designated by our program.
  • Over 270 members provide financial support to the SOGHU network consisting of more than 1,000 Collection Facilities throughout Quebec.
  • The SOGHU is managed by a Board of Directors from among the Members or appointed or designated, with or without the right to vote, as stipulated in the General By-Laws.
  •  Continuity is assured by the presence of  General Manager, Mr. Jean Duchesneau.

We are proud to participate in efforts to protect our environment while giving these used products a second life.